Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 36: "I feel the Book of Mormon is true."

Such words are music to any missionary's ears :)

Hiya everybody! I hope everything is going well for you!!

This past week was flipping amazing! Certainly the best week of Elder Dundee's mission, (Im so proud of him!) and certainly one of the best of mine :)

SO the question is... Where to begin. Hmm... Ah! I know!

Sanela! So this past weekend, I gave Elder Dundee full reign over the entire area, and gave him 'Senior Companion' status! Basically, it became time for him to make the decisions, decide whether to go left or right, here or there, where and when for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the occaisional suggestion from myself. And, if I may be honest, he did Excetionally well! To start off with, we called up a former investigator who was being taught about 3 or 4 months ago, and set up an appointment. When we approached the door, a young girl answered, said ''Oh no.'' and then reluctantly yet immediately let us in. Our appointment was to teach Helena (the former investigator) but this young girl decided to sit in on the lesson. For about 10 minutes, she sat looking extremely awkward and really antzy (kinda like Logan Jones when he knows he is having fish for dinner) Before long, we finally asked her whats up and she responded with ''Did Elder Vitilano send you?'' ''No.'' Next question: ''... Ive got to quit smoking, dont I?'' Elder Dundee and I looked at eachother, shrugged, then looked back at her and said ''Yup.'' ''I know.'' She said. At this point, we had no idea what was her deal. So we asked her a few more questions, and found out her name was Sanela, and she was baptised about 18 months ago by Elder Vitilano (who went home about 3 months ago) and was super steady for about 8 months, until she moved to sheffield and left her friends/fellowshippers in the church. It all went downhill from there. The church lost contact with her, and had no idea where she was. As it turns out, Helena is her step-mom, and they've been living together back in Doncaster for about 4 months. We eventually started our lesson again, and at the end asked Helena if she would attend church on Sunday. She responded with ''I dont want to go to your church unless I know it is true.'' Now, normally, we would have resolved this concern on our own, but something prompted me to ask Sanela another question. ''Sanela,'' I said. ''Before you were baptised, did you pray to know if the Church of Jesus Christ was true?'' ''Yes.'' ''So, Sanela, what was the answer you recieved.?'' Though she paused for what seemed like an eternity, mine and Elder Dundee's faith in the answer she recieved never waivered, and we silently waited (AKA power paused). She looked at us, and then looked at Helena and said ''Its true. Its all true.''

Her answer followed with a confirmation of the spirit given to each person in that room. What a powerful appointment.

Nearing the end, we asked Sanela if she had any more ciggarettes in the home, and she said yes, and pointed to a pack about half empty (or half full, depending on your mood) We then asked if she would once again quit smoking, starting today and she said yes, and handed us the pack with almost EXTREME RELUCTANCY ha ha :) What a powerful appointment that was.

So... I only have about 10 minutes left, and I need to include some pictures this time, so Im gonna hurry with this next event:

Oto! Oto is a 16 year old Slovakian investigator was was also a former investigator that we found. Oto is going to college right now, and also training for boxing, so his schedule is very busy, so muchso that we can only visit him on Saturdays. Remarkibly, though, he has come to church consecutively for the past 5 Sundays! Its amazing to see such a young lad understand the importance of church attendance, regardless of the fact that he hardly knows anyone in the church. Not only that, but he has also consistenty brought friends along with him to church every sunday! Ah! He is so amazing. When we invite him to be baptised, however, his main concern is that his whole family is catholic (even thought they no longer attend) and how he doesnt want to disrespect his family by getting baptised into another church. Last week we asked him that if he recieved an answer that the Book of Mormon was true, if he would get baptised, and he said yes. We then committed him to read and pray about the book of mormon, and he did. The following appointment, we followed up and asked him if he hadrecieved an answer. ''I've prayed... And I feel that the Book of Mormon is true.''


So, that also made our day :) What blessings :)

In addition to that, the Lord also allowed us to accomplish Standards of Excellence again :) Yay!

Pictures! Quick!


Elder Gabriel G Spencer

#1 Elder Dundee invited someone to be baptised, and they accepted! KeBaptism! (First Kebab ever)

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