Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 8: Sabeena's baptismal date

Ello, everyone!!
My Christmas is certainly getting closer, isnt it? Wow! Time really flies! Well, I guess for missionaries the days go by like weeks, but the months go by like days! I just cant believe its already mid-december!
This past week was way good, and it was certainly full of surprises! Its a little hard to remember each day, or what happened, mainly because everyday seems to mush into one... Nevertheless, I will try my best :)
Last P-day, after emailing, we took a train over to a chapel that had a gym inside, called crossgates. And I kinda made a dumb mistake... Now because we have to wear our proselyting clothes on P-day, we each bring a bag full of our sport-oriented clothes (Jeans, t shirt, gym shorts, etc) and this is what I had brought on the train on our way to play sports, along with a few christmas gifts that I was going to send home this week, probably today. Anyway, to make a long story short, I accidentally left all of that stuff on the train, including me Leeds Untied sweatshirt that I bought, which you saw in the picture i sent home of me and a couple other Elders playing snow footbal. So, yeah. Bummer :-/ Oh well! It was just stuff! I'll just have to buy some new P-day trousers sometime!

Now onto the good stuff! Last week was leadership training for two days, so my trainer Elder Pass did that while I went on exchange with Elder Stettler! Another greenie who was in my district at the MTC! (Which was an interesting choice for our Zone Leaders to make, since two greenies rarely go on exchange with eachother) On tuesday Elder Stettler and I went to his area, Leeds 1 Uni (short for Leeds University) and we street contacted for about 3 or 4 hours, and then met with a few appoinments. It was so nice and fun to be able to talk to people my age for once! Which was actually one of the only times Ive ever had fun while street contacting! (not that I dont enjoy it, but its certainly not the most fun part of being a missionary). On Wednesday, Elder Stettler and I took over my area! Leeds 5! It was great! We started out street knocking, and on literally our second house, somebody let us in! Meusumi (Pronounced Mee-shoo-mee) from India has always wanted to learn more about Christianity, and we were able to teach her!
Saturday was a fantastic day, because Gemma was able to be interviewed for her baptism! And she passed! All that needs to happen now, is she needs to attend church once more, and she'll be set to be baptised!!! I'll have to let you know when the official date for her is :)
Sabeena & Antonio have been pushed back, however :-/ Sabeena has a concern for the law of tithing, and she also needs to quit smoking, which she will be able to accomplish. She will be baptised on the 24th of December though! So Merry Christmas! We are all very excited :)
This past week was proper rough, but our Heavenly Father always gives us our hardest trials just before he lifts us even higher! I am so excited to see baptisms by the end of this month!
Today was our Zone P-day! We went to the royal armouries (first picture, an archer from the war of the roses, as in King Henry VI Part 3, which was really interesting!) and had lunch at Pizza Hut (really English, I know)

The snow is finally gone, and its a little warmer now, thankfully ;) But in case you wanted more, check it out!

My zone!!! Fourth picture ;)

Elder Gabriel Gaylen Spencer

PS. I am planning on using this scripture in a teaching opportunity before the end of this week: 1 Thessolonians 5:16-18 (c)

PPS. The picture at the top is of me tracting an actual house we came across one day, while we were knocking in East Ardsley. Nobody was home :( But we knocked a flipping castle! How great is that??

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