Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 9: Upcoming Christmas Baptism!

Merry Christmas, everyone!
It is a week of shopping, of wrapping presents, of celebrating the birth of our savior with a BAPTISM!!! Thats right! I am having my very first baptism this wednesday for Gemma Boyce! She is a single mother of two kids, Jaden and Mia, and love the Book of Mormon! She has completely given up smoking, drinking (from 20 bottles a week, no joke), and she has accepted all other teachings and commandments! We are very excited for her, and I cant wait to send pictures come next week!
This past week was a cold one, let me tell you. Its FREEZING over here! Its as if the wind alone is trying to kill you! Thankfully I have a warm coat and thermals to keep me warm :) I dont know where I would be without them! Its snowed again, not as bad as last time, but it looks like another white Christmas this year! Yay! A few other missionaries and I went caroling on Brigate, a street in the heart of Leeds city centre, which was very fun!
We did about 3 hours of service on thursday, where we helped Sister Gardener (a member of the Leeds 5 branch) paint her house! I realized how fun and relaxing normal service can be! And I would also encourage each of you to offer some kind of service during this Christmas week to someone, before the week is through!
On Friday night, Elder Pass and I went over to Sabeena's home to perform some more service, in which we helped build Antonio's new bicycle that he is getting for Christmas! He was so excited to get it, that as soon as we finished it, he had us all go outside and had Elder Pass and I teach him how to ride it! It was definately one of the most memorable points of my mission. :) I mean, Im in England, as a missionary, teaching a 9 year old boy how to ride a bike! How great is that?! I am so blessed to be out here!
On Saturday night, we had the ward christmas party to attend, which was named ''A night in bethlehem'' and we had a whole bunch of new investigators come and have some fun with the ward members! It was great!
Thats about it for this past week, sorry, but I dont have a as much time to email as I usually do. :-/
Also, I am unable to send any pictures with my email this week, because I left the chord at the flat :-/ sorry! I promise I'll get you up to date come next week!
More good news! I have recently found out that ANYONE can email me, at anytime! So friends, please do! The only problem is, I cannot email you back :-/ But I would love to hear from you about whats going on in your life! Email me at

Gotta go! Love you all!

Elder Gabriel Spencer

God bless us, every one!
(c) ;)

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