Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 49: Adventures with Kevin, the Star!

Happy Conference, everyone!

Can you believe its that time again already! Isnt that amazing?? I am so stoked for this weekend! I hope you are as well!

First off, one of the teams in my districts baptised!! The Middlesbrough team, comprised of Elder Spratt and Elder Taylor, baptised one fo their many chinese investigators on this past Friday! It was certainly a wonderful experience and I was so proud of them :) Not only that, but two of the other teams in my district also also baptising someone this Wednesday, which we are all excited for! Way to go teams!

Now for the Peterlee news... Elder Brewerton and I set our at the beginning of the week that we would accomplish Standards of Excellence for the first time in this area, and we really hit the ground running. One of the best miracles I wanted to mention was the best knocking success story I have ever heard!

So! Thursday night, Elder Brewerton and I were doing our nightly planning, when it came to our attention we needed to fin three more new investigators by the end of the week. So we concluded that we would go knocking. We tried out the good old Bluebell Method. We prayed about three streets to knock, and the next day set out to do it :) Fortunately for us, we enlisted the help of 20 year convert Kevin, who was off work for the week and volunteered to help us out :) So we walked up to the first street, following the map we had, and it didnt exist. There was a brand new development right were the street was. So we moved over to the next street we had prayed for... and it also didnt exist. :-/ But right next to us was, funny enough, the third street that we prayed for, and it actually excited. So me, Elder Brewerton and Kevin approached the nearest door to start knocking, when all of the sudden a thought came to my mind. So I said to my companion. ''Wait, is this the side of the street we should knock?'' He replied ''What do you mean?'' I told him ''Is this side where we feel or is this side where we are?'' He thought for a bit, closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. Then he looked up at me and said ''Nope, its the other street.'' and so we went! We knocked on the first house, and no one was home. We knocked on the second house, and the people were busy and asked us to come back at a better time. We knocked on the third house, and Mr. Palmers let us in! So we taught him (he's a pretty strong church of England member, but he's open minded) and then scheduled a time to see him again, and proceeded to knock. We knocked the fourth house, and no one was home. Then the fifth house, and our next new investigator Wendy allowed us to come in and teach her! (She's a bit older, no religion in particular, but is very intrigued about this idea of a modern day prophet, and is excited for conference) We left and continued to knock. We knocked a few more homes who were wither not home or set up a better time to come by, and then we got to Jame's house. James was our final new investigator of the day, who had never really thought about God, but nevertheless wanted to find out for sure! And so we taught him, and by the end of the lesson, he was scheduled to be baptised for the end of next month!!! Oh and his prayer at the end of the appointment, one of my most favourite prayers Ive ever heard :) It went something like this... ''Our Father in Heaven, thank you so much for these three people coming to my home today, and teaching me about you. Thanks for the chance that I have been given to finally find these things out, and thank you for the opportunity that I now have to be baptised. Please keep these gentlemen safe as they go home tonight. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.'' Ah! We loved it! All three of us were grinning so big when we left, we literally had to contain ourselves as we left his home before we shouted for joy!

Ah :) I truly love this work :)

So, Elder Brewerton and I are in for a treat today, we are heading off to Hogwarts to learn some good ol' defense against the dark arts! Expect some epic pictures soon :) We are heading up to Durham Cathedral with an investigator family who actually volunteered to take us up there and show us around, and so were both quite excited :) Expelliarmus!

And then its conference this weekend! Yay! Everybody better be taking some good notes and recieving some good revelation, okey doke? And hey, if any of you (c) would like to send me some of your favourite highlights, thoughts and commentary of conference in a letter like next week, I would love to read them :) Thank you for your love and support, and for you constant prayers! As you can see, they are definitely helping!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer
PS Pic#1 Us with Kevin after knocking :)

Pic#2 Elder breweton and I did some service for one of the branch members! Diggin Holes! (And singing the Holes theme song)

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