Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 76: Conference Time!!!

Hello Everybody!!!
Conference once again rolled around, this being the third conference weekend on my mission! And it was amazing! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)
This past week was a blast! It started out with some service for a family in the ward, the Allens! We were blessed to perform some manual labor in the form of digging up their back garden and leveling out the dirt. It was fun! And it was nice to use my hands for something other than writing things down ha ha. (See first picture)
The following day we had an exchange with the other York misisonaries, and I was serving in my own area with Elder Chen, from China!  He was baptised in China about 4 years ago (through his mom) and he is now the only native chinese misisonary in the entire england leeds mission!  So, fun little snippit from the life of a missionary... We get a call about the middle of the day from the bishops wife, telling us that her husband would not be home in time to feed us for tea that night, and so she so graciously volunteered to order us pizza! Any pizza we want, any size we want! At first... We ordered just a humble, pepperoniu pizza, not wanting to take advantage of the kindness of our members... but then she said, is that really all you want? Elders... I dont want you to go hungry. Order anything! And so we did! And we ordered the most meaty pizzas on the menu, and it was delicious :) Thank goodness for amazing and generous members! See second picture. 
After the exchange, we got back to our regular conpanionships and got back into the swing of life, and were blessed to have had the opportunity to schedule 3 new people for baptism! As well as send the car to the shop to have it checked (called an MOT).
And then conference happened! And behold, it was very good :) And now we're off for a zone preparation day at on the English coastline. Hopefully it will be sunny!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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