Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 86: Back to the Land of My Inheritance

Heya everybody!
I'm back to Leeds! The place that I started my mission! This time, in Leeds 2!  I absolutely love Leeds :)
I'm now serving with Leeds with Elder Woodside, from Pownal, Maine!  He's been so much fun to serve with, and he is absolutely fixed on helping me become the best that I can possibly be, which I am very appreciative of!  Right now the two of us are serving together in the office, helping out the president with anything he could need.
In my new area, we had two baptisms! We witnessed the baptisms of Anja (9) and Luca (8).  They had been taught by Elder Wadsworth and Elder Woodside, and then Elder Wadsworth just barely went home on Thursday (which was an experience in itself!) and so I was here to finish off the rest of the teaching before the baptism happened on Sunday. 
So, I've got some good news and some bad news... The good news is, I've started up my habit of writing in my journal for every day!! Before, I'd be lucky if I wrote in my journal once every two weeks or once a month... So that's good :) 
The bad news is... My P-days have dramatically changed. Actually, more like non-existent. So I don't get the chance to email as much... So it looks like my weekly emails might lack a bit of meat until I start to get a hold on my new responsibilities... So please, if my emails start to get boring or very short, know that is only because I am fully enjoying the busy life of a missionary over here in England. :)
Anyways! I hope you all are doing well! Thank you for still being interested in my life, even after I've been gone for so long!
Elder Spencer 
PS I promise I'll include some pictures and some fun stories with the next week's email!

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