Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 14: Robert Spetch's Baptism

Hey everybody! What a busy busy week it has been! Elder Pass and I have seen even more miracles!
First of all, GUESS WHAT! I know what you're thinking, and no. Thats not it. But close!
Yet another soul has come unto Christ! On January 22nd, 2011 Robert Spetch, a 19 year old who lives down the street from our flat was baptised! He loved it! The service could not have gone better! It was truly perfect... So many of the youth and the members came to support him, and he fits into the branch like it were nothing! He has overcome struggles with alcohol and smoking and has fully commit to become a disciple of Jesus Christ in His church! He was actually one of the first investigators I taught... The second, I think, after Sabeena and Antonio (who have rescheduled their date. Still trying to work outwhen that will be) He is such a great kid, and he wants to serve a mission in a few years! Not only that, but as of last night, he asked me if I would ordain him to the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday in sacrament! How honored do I feel?? Very ;) Im excited to see what calling he gets in the branch.
Also, Sunday church was a fantastic day! I dont have much time to tell you all about it, so I will list it out...
#1. Rob got confirmed a member of the church!
#2. Richard Wheatcroft recieved the Aaronic Preisthood in sacrament!
#3. My mission president, president Lindley came to church with us!
#4. Our stake president, President Dryden was also present!
So basically, church was great!
Next on the list...

Oh yes! Exchange! I drove! (A lot!) At first the roundabouts were kinda scary... But once I figured out how to properly signal, I was fine. I went on exchange with Elder Farstad, from Norway!

Finally! It was Zone P-day this past monday (which should explain my late emailing... Sorry) We visited an old destroyed abbey, called Boulton Abbey, and we went on a hike. It was great! (See third and fourth picture)

Ha ha! Ive still got my break dancing moves! (Fourth picture, epic photo!)
Anyway, Im just about outta time, but hopefully I'll be a bit more sorted for next week! Wish me luck for transfers (which is next week)!
Love, lots and lots of love... and blue skies,
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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