Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 15: Transfers! Staying in Leeds 5 area

Hello everyone!
The well awaited news is finally here! Arent you excited??? Can you really wait any longer??? I dont think so! I know I couldnt... So here it is!
I am staying in the Leeds 5 area!
Elder Pass has been called to be a district leader in the Sheffield 1 area, and will also follow up train while he is there!
My new companion/ follow up trainer is Elder P. Thomas, from... Er... The southern states! (Im not sure, because I wont meet him until tomorrow night. AND HE'S BLACK!!! How exciting is that?? There is also a really good chance I will be involved in a church produced missionary life documentary from the sounds of it, (surrounding the life of Elder Thomas as a missionary) but more info will follow on that within the following weeks :) I am so jubilantly excited!
So, dont worry, my address will be the same, you can send letters and even packages to my flat in Morley. You no longer need to send packages to the mission office address until time is nearing the next transfer date which will be within the middle of march. So I would say that if you'd like to send a package, you should send it to my flat until about Feb 20th, then send it to the mission office :)
Okie doke, now that that news is outta the way...
This final week with Elder Pass was a blast! I have learned so much from him while he has trained me, I only hope I will remember everything when I need to! He will be a fantastic district leader in Sheffield, though, and I am so excited for him!
We were able to schedule some new investigators for baptism (two Zimbabwean teenagers, Mona Lisa and Walter) and find a whole new teaching pool for me and Elder Thomas to help baptise! We also had our final district meeting, and zone lunch at Red Hot World Buffet once again :) It was scrumptious!
We also had a brand new weight set donated to our flat by a member! (Well, more like we are storing it in our flat until the member can buy a house to put it in, but it looks like that wont be for a while) So Im going to be pumping some major kilos for my morning work out everyday! I'll be sure to include some photos and how much I can bench press in next weeks email. ;) Woot Woot!

This weekend was a little boring. Elder Pass got food poisoning from a piece of frozen Chicken that we got from a member, which we later found out expired in October of 2009. We had to stay in for about a day and a half :-/ It was a bit boring, but I got some major letter writing done (It took me SO LONG to write 5 letters... I need to write less I think) and we watched a couple animated films (which we can do on our sick days). He's been better since, and has been back to work as of yesterday :) Yay!
So I didnt really take many photos in the past week, so I'm including some fun ones that I have taken thus far on my mission :) Hope you enjoy them!

Turrah til next week,
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Anyone can email me. So please do! :) I love getting random emails from people. Especially the ''spur of the moment'' type ones (c) ;)

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