Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 17: Gabriel's Birthday!

Happy Valentines day, everyone!
This past week, the Leeds 5 area has seen BLESSINGS that surpassed all of my expectations! For some odd reason, the Lord saw it fit to bless us with 9 new investigators, 7 investigators and church, and He helped us achieve Standards of Excellence! Elder Thomas and I certainly did not see it coming. We started out having a pretty slow and unfruitful week, and then BAM! The weekend hit! And we found 9 new people to teach within Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Why would the Lord bless us so, you might ask... Well, if you know the answer, let Elder Thomas and I know, because we really have no idea. We spent quite a bit of time in a district of Leeds we havent been in called ''Driglington'', only to find out that the reason we hadnt been there before was because its not in our area ha ha :-/ But nevertheless! We worked hard and had fun :) We recieved plenty of referrals who turned out to be pretty good ones :) And on this past sunday, I was able to experience something I will never forget :)
I had the honour and privelege of conferring the Aaronic Preisthood on Rob Spetch, our 19 year old recent convert, and ordaining him to the office of Priest :) I was pretty nervous, but the Lord (and the Branch President) guided me through it. :)
So for those of you who dont know, or who didnt remember (if so, shame on you) It is in fact, my 20th birthday today :) Yay!!!
Last night Elder Thomas and I celebrated by placing 20 candles on a very small loaf of chocolate orange cake (see picture) Neither of us had a lighter or matches, but we found a random box of candles in our flat. So how did we make the candles light? Lets just say a toaster can do more than just make toast ;)
Also, today our mission president called and wished me a happy birthday! I was in no way expecting it, but it was very nice of him :)
Highlight of the week: Giving a paranoid skitzephrenic drug dealer a preisthood blessing of comfort, and then watching ''Finding Faith in Christ'' with him :) Sound guy, really. Almost bought a Rolex off him for £20. Any-hoo...
February 14, 2011 is Valentines day, my birthday, and preparation day :) And tomorrow is zone conference. So what am I going to do? Buy myself a nice English Suit for cheap, and get a hair cut. Then, Elder Thomas is taking me to Red Hot World Buffet, and then we're going to watch Mulan at the Chapel with some other missionaries :) Tonight... I might just do the macarena to celebrate!
P-days rock.

Happy Valentines Day!
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer
PS Pictures!

#1. Epic photo of the week! ''And ye shall declare repentence unto my people...''

#2. Dews from heaven???

#3. Birthday cake!
4. The new Leeds Zone!

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