Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 19: Best week ever!

Good morrow everyone!
(Nobody really says that here, I thought I would just be a bit more original)

Hello! Wow! What an absolute EPIC week we have had! It truly is incredible how the Lord will bless an area, and prepare so many of His children to hear our message! For some unexplainable reason, the Lord has decided to bless Leeds 5 with the ability to achieve Standards of Excellence for three weeks in a row, and thats exactly what happened! Elder Thomas and I even recieved a call from President Lindley today in regards to our previous week's success, and informed us that our key indicators (the number of people we teach, lessons, new investigators, less-actives visited, etc) are among the best in the mission! Now here's the really tricky part... Neither me, nor Elder Thomas have the slightest idea of how we are accomplishing this, aside from one other explanation... And that is that the Lord is directing this work, and we are simply the tools needed to make it happen... Which is so true! A powerful lesson was learned from this experience, and that lesson is of how truly weak and ineffective we are as missionaries if we are allowing our own ego or desires attempt to dictate what the Lord might have in store for us. This idea is also very applicable to those of us who are not serving as full time missionaries in todays world... If we are constantly striving to bear our burdens on our own, claiming that we are the majority influencers of our outcome, while giving little or no regard to seeking for the Lords help or guidence, that is what we shall recieve. If we choose to take on any aspect of our journey without something as simple as prayer, He will allow us to do it on our own. Our Heavenly Father wishes for us to grow and progress, and He will do whatever it takes to insure that the most necessary growth will take place, whether that be through trials and hardships or through greater success and continued excercising of ones faith. It will always be our choice as to how we would like to grow. So as for Elder Thomas and I, we will continue to thank Heavenly Father for his willingness to bless this wonderful area, and we will continue to seek his guidence and will as much as possible as we go about doing our Father in Heaven's work :)
Now lemme get off my little soap box here...
... There we go :)

So we went on district leader exchange last week, and Elder Wadsworth (From Las Vegas) came and visited the work in Leeds 5. During this exchange, we visited Sabeena and Antonio, who seemed rather suspiciously excited about the appointment... We taught about baptism a little more, and just in the middle of the appointment, Sabeena says to her son ''Okay Antonio, we've held it orr enough! Tell them!'' To which Antonio replied ''We want to get baptised on the 5th of March!'
You could just hear the choirs of angels singing!
Sabeena and Antonio have finally accepted the Law of tithing, and will be baptised this Saturday at 6:30pm!
I was so shocked, but excited :) You should have seen the grin on my face! It was SO hard to contain the joy that was brewing in my heart! Sabeena told us she sorted out all of her finances and figured out the necessary sacrifices she had to make to pay her tithing every month, and she is more determined than I have ever seen her! Talk about a might change of heart!
We are so so so very excited! And Elder Thomas and I cant wait for Saturday!
As for now, Im going on exchange with Elder Stettler, who was in my district in the MTC! Party! (Missionary appropriate, of course)
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer
PS. My camera died, and I could only upload one picture in time. So here's a pic of my dream car! BMW Z4!

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