Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 20: Baptisms all over!

Hello my friends!
Wow, can you believe another week has past?? They just seem to fly by, dont they? Another week, another adventure to be had, right? :) I love serving as a missionary! I am learning so much, and Im growing faster than I'd ever thought possible! So first thing's first... The question you all probably have in your minds (if you've been keeping up on my emails and vaguely interested) and the answer to that question is...
Ba- ba- ba- BAPTISM!!!
Thats right folks! The baptism of Sabeena Ali (29) and her son Antonio Lawrence (9) went off perfectly! We couldnt have asked for a better service :) For those of you who dont know/remember, Sabeena and Antonio were actually my first ever investigators when I got into the field. As soon as I dropped off my bags at my new flat, we went to dinner at a member's home, and then went straight over to Sabeena's home and scheduled her for baptism! Now, four months later, I had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing their lives completely change as they accepted the gospel and became followers of Jesus Christ :) Not only that, but both Elder Thomas and I were asked to perform the acutal baptism! Elder Thomas baptised Antonio, and I baptised Sabeena :) It was truly a night that none of us will ever forget! (See pictures)
Well the exchange with Elder Stettler went really well, and we worked hard and had tons of fun :) Thats ha ha I dont think I took any pictures unfortunately :-/ Sorry!
More good news! Ben Bywaters has been interviewed for baptism, and is set and ready to go for his baptism this Satuday, March 12th, 2011! He is one of the most dilligent investigators I have ever met, and is already in Jacob in his Book of Mormon reading! He has a wonderful sense of humor, and is looking forward to a job in public services.
So, one more miracle to mention before I sign off... Sunday morning about and hour befor church started, Sabeena texts us saying that Antonio had been up all night feelin very poorly and throwing up and stuff. She was very concerned, and she new that they stil needed to get confirmed and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. So Elder Thomas and I went over to their house about 30 minutes before church started, and gave Antonio a health blessing. Needless to say, in accordance with Antonio's faith, the Lord saw it fit to heal him enough to gain the strength to attend church and recieve the greatest gift a person can recieve on this earth! WHAT A MIRACLE!

PS Its Mothers Day here in England this Sunday... So the England Leeds Mission thought we'd give our Moms a gift of song! Check out the North Zone video! (They put the taller guys in the back, so look out for me!)
Explanation of pictures number 3 and 4:
#3. Lets just say, we needed a ride to an appointment, and all of the seats were taken so... Lets just say Elder Thomas and I know what its like to be illegal aliens ;)
#4. Yeah. Thats right. I found the Liahona at President Lindley's house. Doesnt work though. It just kept spinning in circles over and over again...
Anyway, another epic week lies ahead, so wish us luck!
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

DISCLAIMER: I couldn't open the pictures on the email this week. Sorry!

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