Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 21: Again, again!

Hello everyone!
What a blessed week we had! Elder Thomas and I had such a wonderful experience!
Lets start off with some fantastic news first... For the second week in a row, Leeds 5 had yet another...
The baptism of Mr. Benjamin Bywaters went of without a hitch! It was such a blessing to see him progress and change his life in order to become a deciple of Jesus Christ! He was literally a golden investigator... We met with him for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and scheduled him for the 12th of March on the first visit, and look where he is now! Ben loves going to institute, and is already half way through reading the Book of Mormon! He is so so funny, and we were so blessed to see him enter into this covenant with the Lord!
I am emailing today (tuesday) because yesterday was transfer calls, and guess what!!! Elder Thomas and I are staying together for another transfer here in Leeds 5! That will make it 6 months total in Leeds 5 at the end of this upcoming transfer! No word on the camera crew coming down to film us... But I will let you know. If it happens, its bound to be an interesting experience... ha ha :)
Once again, the Lord saw it fit to give us the opportunity to get Standards of Excellence again! For the 5th week in a row! This past transfer was definately one of the greatest of my mission... Consistently getting standards while baptising is quite hard to accomplish in the Leeds mission, so we are feeling very blessed :)
Well thats about all I have to report on for the past week... Time to attach some epic photos!
Im loving my mission! The opportunity we have to help so many people recieve the gospel, while growing at an excellerated rate... What an amazing blessing! I am enjoying every minute of it!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS I heard that my pictures from the last email did not go through, so I sent the ones from Sabeena and Antonio's baptism, as well as Ben's. Enjoy!

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