Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 22: Russian Family

Hiya, all!

Hope y'all have been having a great week! Its really starting to warm up over here in England, which is very welcomed! Elder Thomas and I walked out of the flat, and at the same time stopped, and looked at each other, saying: 'What is this wonderful feeling?' and then we realized, it was a warm gust of wind! Something we both haven't felt since last year! (ha ha) it was wonderful! PS I love summer rains, so I'm pretty excited for the warm weather :)

This past week in Leeds 5 was a humbling one... Not humbling in the sense that we didn't do well, but humbling in the sense that we continue to realize how much the Lord truly does this work for us. Its really remarkable.

We've been meeting with a part-member family, the Barkers for a while now... We started seeing them in mid-January, in fact. On our first visit, Karen, the less active/ mother/ head of the household told us about her kids, Chris, Jess and Abby. Elder Pass and I asked if any of them would be interested in joining us for the lesson. She responded ''Hmm... Jess might, but definitely not Chris. He's an atheist and doesn't want anything to do with you.'' Since then we have been meeting with them at least once a week, and have developed a very good relationship with Chris. This previous week, Elder Thomas and I felt prompted to talk with him about baptism, to which he accepted! More recently, in our last appointment, we taught the word of wisdom and committed him to live it! We were so shocked, yet excited to see such ''a mighty change of heart'' within Chris, to have him now desire and set a goal to be baptised! What a miracle!
Also in this past week, we met with the Russian family. They speak OK english (enough to get basic points across) but due to the language barrier, it has been a very slow progression process. We were able to bring out a YSA from a distant ward named Ben, who actually got his mission call to Russia, and spent 10 and a half weeks learning the language in the Provo MTC. (5 days before he was supposed to go to Russia, he jumped out of his bunk bed in the MTC and tore his ACL and MCL, causing him to be sent home for surgery) Anyway, he came out with us, and was able to translate and progress the family more than me or either of my companions have been able to in the past few months! Ben is also currently teaching me a bit of Russian, and in a few weeks I should be able to speak enough to bare my testimony in Russian! I'm excited!
Well, that's just about all the news here in Leeds 5. Were getting stoked for conference in a few weeks! Aren't you?? WOOO! Go Monson!

Love, and a tin of biscuits,
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS I have officially given up Kebabs for the transfer. If I don't, they WILL be the death of me... lol
PPS Enjoy the photos!
Pic 1: Photo of what we call ''Street Contacting''

Pic 2: Me with and some of the members of Leeds 5 after ''Tea''

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