Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 24: April General Conference

Hello everyone!
I gotta be quick, the Leeds teams are callin us to play basketball!
This past week was full of new and interesting opportunities!! We had a Sihk party at the church on Wednesday! There was some well good Indian food present as well :) Yum! Elder Thomas and I had been teaching a family of Sihks for about two weeks, and we were able to help them have a bithday party which was held at the church building! (See first and second picture) Sihks are kind of a branch off of Hinduism, and they NEVER cut their hair! What a great family!

It was Elder Thomas's birthday on Saturday, April 2nd! He really really enjoyed it : ) We first celebrated at a member family's home (The McCann Family, one of the best! See third picture) And then the next day we went over to a part-member families home and had fried chicken and birthday cake! Afterward, at about 5pm England time, we were able to watch the Saturday morning session of conference with them! What a unique experience!

Conference was so great! We were able to help so many of our investigators come to church! At the request of Ms. Karstin Lake, here were the times to watch the sessions in England
Saturday Morning Session: Saturday, 5pm England Time (Live broadcast)
Saturday Afternoon Session: Sunday, 1pm England Time
Preisthood Session: Sunday, 10am England Time
Sunday Morning Session: Sunday, 5pm England Time (Live broadcast)
Sunday Afternoon Session: Sunday, 9pm England Time (Live broadcast)

Fortunately, Elder Thomas and I were able to watch all of the Saturday Sessions, and President Monsens talk on temples during the Sunday morning session :) We very much enjoyed it, because we watched that talk while in the home of a less-active. After watching that talk together, we were able to invite and commit Luke Evans to work towards becoming worthy to attend the temple in May! It was so inspired!

Ah! Leeds 2 and Leeds 4 are calling us! Gotta go!

I love this work! Everyday is such a blessing to be a full time missionary in the Lord's service!

Love, heart and music,
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Transfers are April 20th! Any predictions??

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