Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 27: Doncaster and Elder Jestice

Hello friends and family! And happy Royal Wedding to you as well!

So before I came to England for my mission, I had an idea of what the areas I would be serving at looked like... Leeds was kinda near to what I was expecting... But Doncaster hit it right on the money. Squashed houses, large open fields, HUGE areas to travel to, some of which take at least an hour by bus... Yup :) Time to roll up my sleeves and get to work I'd say :)

Church was great! Doncaster is an actual ward, with many people in attendance, and the Bishop (Bishop Dewey) is a star!

However, the work here has been going slow, prior to my arrival... With seldom investigators attending church, and even less getting baptised, its time for a great big turn around... And there is simply no way Im going to accept anything less than what the Lord has set for us to do, and that is first achieving standards of excellence as soon as possible. From what I hear, that hasnt happened in Doncaster for about 6-8- months. That will change as well :)

Elder Jestice is my new companion, and he's great! He is from Pleasant Grove, UT, and he actually went to BYU with me, and took some of the same classes, as well as had some of the same close friends! Small world, eh? We are actually positive we have met sometime previous to our missions... Which is pretty interesting :) He is the 2nd youngest in his family, and has been serving in Doncaster for the past 3 months. Im excited to see what miracles we will witness together! (And no doubt, baptisms of course!)
Well, Im going to have to apologize, because Im going to have to cut this email short :-/ I dont have proof of my new address yet, so I only got half and hour today on the computer at the local library. Maybe next week they'll give me a card ;)

I love this work, and Im a bit nervous... But my confidence is strong with the Lord, and I am thankful for the fact that whatever I lack, he will make up for in order to lead this area into greatness!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Pictures!
#1. Funny advert in the Local paper :)
#2 Another funny advert. So true...
#3 My last photo with the great and powerful Elder Thomas :)

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