Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 28: "Whatever you guys preach, I'll practice!"

Great news, everyone!

Im pretty sure you already know anyway, and I was surprised at how fast the news spread in the mission over here :) At about 10am monday morning our Zone Leaders sent out an answerphone message saying:
''Great world news! They found Osama Bin Laden! And they shot him, and killed him!''
Ha ha so that was pretty funny :)

What a week we had over here in Doncaster! We were able to see many miracles take place!
Neat experience of the week: We recieved a call from the Mission Office for a referral from the Manchester Mission, in which we were supposed to visit this woman in a nearby area. The missionaries who had found this woman, gracefully scheduled an appointment for us to meet with her on saturday, and listed it in the referral. We went by the home,and no one was there :( So we turned around and began to walk to another potential's home. As we were exiting the street, a group of Jahova's Witnesses turned the corner onto our street, saw us, and then turned around and went the other direction (score on for the good guys) as Elder Jestice and I were about to leave the street, the thought occurred in my head ''Wait, if the JWs were about to knock this street, that means they probably havent done it in a while. Which means that this street is ripe for some knocking! And thats just what we did! We knocked and knocked, with hardly any success, until we knocked a couple houses away from our referral's home, and noticed that there was a car there that wasnt before :) And so we decided to try the home again. There was a man who answered, and when we asked for the referral, Louise Wright, he said she'd left about 8 months ago. After talking to him for a while, we later found out that Louise was his ex-wife, who had left him in July and went to Manchester. Since then, this guys life had hit rock bottom. He's been hurting for quite some time, and didnt know where to turn. He literally told us that it was no coincidence that we had met up with him at that time in his life, because he had been thinking of going to a church, but thought he might have felt guilty about forgetting God all throughout his life and then turning to him now. We assured him that he would be more than welcome to come to church, and in the same appointment, we invited him to be baptised, to which he replied: ''Of course! Whatever you guys preach, I'll practice!''

Talk about a prepared man :)

We also had a Ward Spring Party on saturday, in which we had several of our investigators and less actives attend :) It was a hit! Especially the bouncy castle part (see first photo) The party was complete with great food, volleyball, and football (soccer)

While knocking, we also found a peculiar garden ornament that was literally in someone's yard... (see second photo)

Last but not least... We were helping some of our investigators move their stuff on wednesday (see movie) :) Lets just say, I wont be allowed to carry the fragile objects anymore...

Anyway, gotta go! Enjoy your mothers day!

Elder Gabriel Spencer

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