Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 29: Standards of Excellence in Doncaster

Hello, and happy Mothers Day to you!
Here's a specific shoutout to all mothers out there... Thank you for all you do! We love you! We Care about you! Without you... None of us would be here! :)
This week was certainly a blast! I loved it! The Lord blessed Doncaster with SO MUCH SUCCESS! Even early in the week, we were able to see many wonderful miracles happen! To start by Tuesday of this past week, we had two completely new investigators scheduled for baptism within the first lesson! One was a 16 year old slovakian boy named Oto, and the other was an English guy named John (24). Both of them expressed a desire to be baptised and are taking the lessons well! Oto had met with the missionaries about a year before, but from what we gathered, one of those missionaries had transferred and then they just stopped coming. What a testifier of how if one person cannot further the work with how the Lord intends, he will simply find another! I feel humbled and blessed to be involved in teaching him and continuing that work :)
John is an unemployed laborer, who is one of the quietest guys I have ever met :) We met him while trying to meet with a former investigator who is his flatmate. When we were talking to him on his doorstep, the Lord gave me a vision of us tossing a frisbee with John in a nearby park and getting to know him. Luckily, I just happened to be carrying a frisbee at that time :) So thats what we did! I said to him ''Hey John, do you wanna come over to this park with us and play frisbee?'' He replied ''Sure.'' And so we did! He really started to open up at that point. I think the trick with John is that the more we teach him outside of his house, the better :) For the following lesson a couple of weeks later, we took him to have tea (dinner) with us at a nearby fish n chip shop, which he really enjoyed. He's still very quiet and reserved, but slowly and surely, he is opening up :)
Ah! Also, before I forget, I have two wonderful peices of new to tell you!
#1. Sister Lindley (mission president's wife) has asked me to sing a solo of 'Joseph Smith's First Prayer' in front of all the missionaries at Zone Conference this wednesday, while dressed up like the prophet himself :) Pray that I'll sound decent lol
#2. For the first time in about 8 months, the beloved area of Doncaster has made Standards of Excellence! (Which is attained when a companionship reaches a set of high goals set by the mission president) We were stoked, but humbled :) We certainly couldnt do it without the Lord :)
So, I've only got a few minutes, so Im going to upload some pictures of my mission lineage (my trainer, and my trainer's trainer, who is now an assistant to the president) and a few pictures of England!
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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