Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 32: Trainer in Training

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are having a warm and exciting Summer! Its so great to continue getting emails and especially letters of encouragement from you, so thank you for that! It really helps!
So this past week has been a blast... Quite possibly the busiest and most productive week Ive had thus far on my mission. On Sunday, Elder Jestice and I came up with an EPIC action plan for our week, which was to have 14 lessons with a member present in the week (which can be quite difficult to attain) the required minimum number is 8 member present lessons to make standards of excellence. We planned on achieving this by having a member out with us during the day, for every day of the week, and going on splits three times. Our amazing ward mission leader, Brother Broadbent, had work off, and volunteered his time and his vehicle for one full day of work for us (and took us out to both lunch AND dinner!) and at least two nights, which was a HUGE help! In a single day, we were blessed to have 8 lessons with a member present, and 6 on the following day. By the end of the week, we had achieved 16 member present lessons, which was amazing! Doncaster is truly blessed to have such willing and hard working members :) Having a car certainly helped though, which was a major factor in our success. There is also talk of Doncaster either getting a car, or moving to a new flat closer to the church, since the current one is way out in the boonies :)
So, as a result of having such great members (and a car for a day) Doncaster was once again blessed with achieving Standards of Excellence :) The Lord is just pouring out blessings to this wonderful area :) And Im loving it!!!
So... by this time, you're probably saying to yourself ''Well, thats just dandy Elder Spencer, but not the big news I was looking for!'' Well, I will not leave you dissappointed! So this week is transfers... and last night Elder Jestice and I were invited to spend the night at our district leader's flat to celebrate transfer calls with another team (one of the funnest experiences ever on my mission!)
And for some absolutely crazy reason, I get a call from President Lindley saying ''Elder Spencer, after being prompted by the spirit I have been impressed to assign you to train a new missionary in Doncaster.'' I was shocked. Stocked, but also shocked. So, as they say here in the England Leeds Mission: ''Im having a baby boy!'' and I am SO excited! I am truly honoured, and I feel like I have no idea how to properly train a missionary, but obviously the Lord had something special planned :) I dont know who I will be training yet, but from what my sources at the England MTC tell me, all of the missionaries going to the England Leeds Mission this week are European! That means none from America! Not only that, but other missionaries who will be training include Elder Thomas, my old companion (who is training again!) and Elder Gravalese (my MTC companion!) I am so excited to see them at transfer meeting, and I am so pleased that they will be experiencing some of the same things I will be ha ha :) IM SO EXCITED!! But I must request... please pray for me and my new son to find success and baptise... I dont really know how to train someone, but I know the Lord will help me :) I am always in His hands :)
I love this work! I love the Lord! And I love being a missionary, serving the people of England with all of my heart, might mind and strength! What a blessing I have!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer
(Trainer, in training)

PS Pictures!
#1. Epic Photo of the week. On top of a 100 year old water fountain.
#2. The only public water fountain I HAVE EVER FOUND in England (Rotheram Bus station)

#3. Funnest night of my mission to date :) Rotheram Flat, transfer night.

#4. Last night's beautiful sunset.

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