Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 31: Miracles all over the place!

Hello everyone!
Wow, I just dont know how else to start this email, other than by saying I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I just had to say something :) To begin, thank you all so very much for your prayers for me and for this mission for the past week. They really, truly worked. Elder Jestice and I were able to witness one of the most successful weeks we've ever had! Miracle after miracle, after miracle! My testimony has grown as a result of so many wonderful things happening throughout the week!
The only problem is... Where to begin...
Got it!
Okay so first! The week before this last one, we were street contacting in a more migrant influnced part of Doncaster called Hyde Park, and we ran into this man named Miroslav, from the Czeck Republic. He only spoke a little bit of Enlish, but from what we were able to communicate, he desired to learn more about Jesus Christ, and invited us over to him home to teach him the following week. On this past Tuesday, we were able to see him again, and he introduced us to his family, all will similar knowledge of the English language. It was clear to us at that point that the main concern with this family was the language barrier. Thankfully, however, we were blessed to find some Czeck Plan of Salvation and Restoration pamphlets in our flat. Before we went in for our second appointment on Saturday, we said a prayer, asking for help and pleading for the spirit to testify of truth. We went in and tried our best to teach this family the Restoration as simply as we could, but with little success. Then the thought came to me to use the pamphlets! So I handed the mother of the family (Olga) the pamphlet and asked her to read it out loud for her family. She did, and the family listened intently as she spoke of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The spirit was strong, and Elder Jestice and I felt it was the time to invite them to be baptised, which we did. The family (about 6 of them) being Catholic, obviously had some questions, which we answered. But by the end of the lesson, we were blessed to have been able to schedule 3 of them for baptism!!! The others, including Miroslav himself, said that they would ponder and pray about the things they had learned :) What a blessing!
Not only that, but we were also able to schedule two more people for baptism in the month of June! Holly (20, Enlish) and Andrew (25, Russian) It is always so much fun to teach Russians, because whenever I do, I always learn more of their language! Most recently, in fact, I have learned how to bare my testimony in russion, carry on a small conversation, and ask simply questions, such as ''Do you believe in God'' or ''Would you like to learn more about Jesus Christ''. I have learned so much Russian, in fact, that after English and Spanish, I can honestly sat that Russian is now my next best language! ''Ya gavaru nem noska Ruskie!'' (I know a little bit of Russian!'')

Another wonderful piece of news I would like to share, is that due to your wonderful prayers for me and for the Mission, the Lord has yet again blessed Doncaster with getting Standards of Excellence! Thank you so much for your help!

Please continue praying for missionary work, it really truly helps!


Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Pictures!
#1: Elder Jesticer and I found 4 ''Carling'' pint glasses outside of our church, and so we decided to give them a home (our flat) wash them, and use them!

#2: Apparently I own a plumbing business...
#3. Elder Jestice got a nice picture of me talking to someone in England called a ''Chav''

#4: Its true!

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