Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 25: Four new baptisms set!

Hello every one!!
Guess what! Its that time of year! The time between April and October conference that missionaries in the England Leeds mission can work without their suit coats! Isn't that exciting?? Well... now that I think about it... That's about as exciting as sliced bread... Well, lets just say its getting to be really hot now, and we are very thankful for the change :) See first picture!

PS, conference was amazing, was it not? Just thought I'd put that out there :)
So! Exciting things happened this week! I went on exchange again! This time with Elder Nicholas, from Dallas, Texas! Can I just say how fun and refreshing it is to work in the University area?? A lot! Its so nice to actually talk to people my own age... And it really does make street contacting a blast :) Now don't get me wrong.. Morley is great... But there are only so many old pensioners you can talk to about growing up around the war (especially when you're trying to invite them to be baptised!)
We had interviews with the mission president again! That was fun. I was able to ask him a lot of interesting and informative questions... (Epic side note, President Lindley has actually been inside the church vault and held the very papyrus scroll that Abraham wrote facsimile #2 on! I know, crazy, right??)
We were able to have a powerful week! The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to schedule four different people for baptism! Which is quite the blessing! Not only that, but our old friend Gareth (former investigator/drug dealer with a heart of gold/Jesus Christ enthusiast) came out of nowhere, after his dad told us he had been put away! Now I don't know if he escaped of not... But hey! He loves having us over! He even fed us fish and chips, and came to church yesterday! He is definitely one of the nicest people in England I have ever met :)
Well, this next week is bound to be another blessed week of epic proportions! Just you wait!
Gotta go! Enjoy the pictures!
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Special shout out to Josh! Good luck on your midterms! I'll be praying for you!

PPS Another special shout out! Ms. Karstin Lake, you're a star! In case my letter doesn't come to you soon enough, kick butt on your recital this Wednesday! You've practiced hard, and you're going to nail it! My prayers will be with you! (and so will my mom and dad, apparently ha ha) Break a leg! (not a finger)

PPPS One last shout out to Dahveed! Good luck with your intramural championship! Oh yeah, and finals too, I guess. But those are no big deal. Kick butt, bro!

PPPPS Last photo! You wont believe it... We found Elder Thomas's long lost son!

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