Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 43: The confirmation/ordination of James! And Riots in the streets!

Hello everybody!

I hope all of you are enjoying the warm summer weather! Its still warm over there in Utah, right? Well, I guess some of you are over in Rhode Island... Well, forget the question anyway.

You wanna know whats wierd to hear? People in all over are gearing up to go to school again! (Dare I say it and spoil the fun of summer??) But its true! However crazy that might sound, it doesnt feel like it over here... It just feels like Summer will never end :) Well, for at least one more year I guess :- ) So! Time to start on whats happened in the past week...

So, at the beginning of the week, I had the wonderful opportunity to head over to Leeds to attend the Leadership Training Meeting. This was my second time attending, but my first time attending as a district leader. I will sum up the majority of the meeting in just a few words... KNOWLEDGE EXPLOSION. Throughout the 7 hour meeting, I continued to take page after page after page of notes on just about everything that I thought would be useful (which, unfortunately for my writing hand, was the majority of what was said in the meeting) So many wonderful insights from such experienced leaders, missionaries and preisthood holders! I loved it so much! My only problem now is trying to study/remember/use up everything that I had written down! So I will try my best... but wish me luck! (and pray for me!) Another wonderful opportunity with Leadership Training is the chance I get to meet up with missionaries from all over the mission! I got to see most of the missionaries I came out with, and also Elder Thomas, and Elder Gravallese, my MTC companion (btw we basically know that we are going to serve together again within the next year, Its just gonna happen :)

Directly after the meeting, I went on my second exchange as a district leader! This time, with Elder Porter, from Toronto, Canada! We had the chance to serve with eachother in Doncaster and saw much success! This companion exchange went a lot smoother, and had a bit more preparation involved (which always helps!)

Not only that, but our recent baptism James was confirmed a member of the church! Soon after that, he was later ordained to the office of a preist! And immediately after that, he was given a 5 minute talk in sacrament meeting next week! Ha ha talk about a baptism of fire! Just goes to show how prepared this young man was to recieve the gospel :)

So you may have heard on the news lately about riots going on all over England... This is true, but I thought I would just clarify in case any of you were wondering...
Most of the riots are in London, Burminham and Manchester. Ya know in the bigger cities. Recently, our mission president reminded/told us of some rules that would keep us safe in different situations. (Dont go near large gatherings of people, do not take pictures of protests, avoid areas at all costs, etc) And really for the England Leeds Mission there's not much to worry about. There is a greater number of police force out these days, but thats mainly to keep anything from happening. I also think there was a very small riot about to break out in Doncaster, but the police stopped it by locking down all of Doncaster town centre. (We were in town centre while this happened btw, but we had no idea. We just notices a ton of police vans parked everywhere ha ha) So, no worries! We're all fine and dandy over here in Jolly ol England :) And life is great!

Well, I think thats all! And hey, if you are bored of these emails, sent me a letter sometime!

Love love, with watermelon and honeydew (both of which I had today for Zone P-day, where all the teams in the zome get together)
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS Pic #1 Me and Elder Gravallese at Leadership Training!
Pic #2 Elder Dundee and I attended a different church with our investigator, Oliver, who seems very interested in our church!
Pic #3 The bouncy castle we hired for zone P-day! Yay!

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