Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 44: Goodbye, Donny!!! Hello Peterlee!

Big news, everyone!

Its was transfer calls last night, and Elder Dundee and I were at a disagreement. He thought I was going to leave Doncaster, and I thought we were going to stay together for another 6 weeks.

We were both wrong.

I was talking on the phone with one of the missionaries in my district who had just got a call from president to train a new missionary, when all of the sudden I had a call waiting from the mission home...
President Lindley was calling.
I thought to myself ''Well thats weird. I wonder what he's calling me for.'' So I answered. After greetings were exchanged, this is what he said:

''Elder Spencer, I have been inpressed by the spirit to call you to serve in training a new missionary.''
I was completely shocked. But just wait, it gets better...
''I feel as though I would like to send you and the new missionary to white-wash a new area where the missionaries havnt been present for many years. So I'd like you to train in Peterlee and work with the branch there, as well as continue being a district leader and serve the surrounding teams.''
Me: ''Uh... Really?'' (Yes. Thats all I could utter at that point.)
President: ''Heh heh, yes, really.''

He then took a few minutes to tell me why he was sending me to this area, and what he would like to happen there.

I then told him how I would be relying on the Lord so much more now, and he agreed, and then wished me luck and said he'd see me at the transfer meeting.

I took a big gulp of my J2O at this point (celebratory juice drink for missionaries).

So, for those of you who dont quite understand, one of the most difficult and challenging experiences for any missionary to go through is white washing, or opening a new area. Now add on training a new missionary and being a district leader for three teams other than your own, and you get one crazy concoction for a fun-filled rifining-fire experience for both me and my new boy. Woot! Be thankful for adversity, Brigham Young once said. :) But am I worried? No :) Why? Phillipians 4:13 (c) Was I shocked? Yes. Am I going to need your prayers to strengthen me and my new missionary? Most definately :)

Also! Before I forget, many other wonderful things happened this week!
First, we had Zone P-Day! We had a BBQ at a local church building, played sports, and hired a bouncy castle!

Last, I had my final district meeting with my teams!Second, we had an absolutely AMAZING Zone Conference on wednesday, all centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I learned SO MUCH!!! We also were able to take a four generation lineage picture! (See picture) From left to right Elder Huemos (Assistant, who unfortunately has now finished up his 2 years) Elder Pass (Sheffield Zone Leader, who was trained by Elder Huemos) Elder Spencer (Doncaster Dirstrict Leader, who was trained by Elder Pass) and Elder Dundee (Trainee, who was then being trained by Elder Spencer) Epic Photo!
Last, I had my final district meeting with my teams! And later we went out to an American/Mexican restaurant, called Cactus Jacks for district lunch! (See final Photo!) Yee-Haw!

Well, Gotta go! My new address is:
Elder Gabriel Spencer
#1 Burdon Court,
Horden, Peterlee,
Durham County, England

Elder Gabriel G.Spencer

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