Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 45:Peterlee: The Adventure begins!

Hello, everyone!

Not much time, so I'll keep it short, sweet and to the point :)

My new baby boy is Elder Brewerton, from Calgary, Canada! He is fresh out of the MTC, and what I would describe as a hilarious, smart, nerdy kid from Canada :) The MTC nowadays is teaching their missionaries so much now, and he knows so much more than I did when I came out of the MTC! Which is so nice :) He has a fantastic desire to work hard and work smart while on him mission, and many times he even keeps me in check! (Which is also very refreshing)

Peterlee is an area different from any area I have ever been to in my life. It is right on the English coastline, which makes for some stunning views from the hills :) I love it! Reminds me of San Diego. The town here is much smaller than Leeds or Doncaster, and the branch here reflects that. This last Sunday there were about 30 people at church, which was an average turnout, and most people were very excited to find that they once again have missionaries serving in their branch! However, for some reason, word had gotten around that they were getting sister missionaries, so some of them were a bit disappointed... But no worries! We will win them over, I promise ;) Oh, and that brings us to my next point: Our flat.

Our flat is pretty new, compared to all of its surrounding buildings. Because the members thought they were getting sister missionaries, they went ahead and gracefully painted our bathroom bright pink, and changed all of the draped and curtains to be baby blue with pink and purple flowers on it :) Needless to say, its a very... how should I say this... Happy flat :) ha ha But its location is wonderful. Its about a ten minute walk to ASDA (the walmart of England) for our groceries, and is right in the middle of where all of the busses drive.

Apparently the library closes for an hour here to take lunch, so Im going to have to get off... But Next week I'll tell you all about how both the film sites of Billy Elliot and Harry Potter is in my area (thats right, Hogwarts!)

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS If you havent sent me a letter in a while now would be a great time ;)

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