Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 69: Hello, York!!!

Start speadin' the news....
I'm leavin' today...
I'm gonna be a part of it,
Old York, old York!!!
Yup! I'm here! A brand new area, with brand new experiences and brand new people to find and teach! Boy, am I lucky!

Elder Stettler and I have finally (well, almost) settled into our new flat that was kindly left in an absolutely trashed state by the previous Elders who just went home last week. So, needless to say, we've been spending most of our free time cleaning/organizing/throwing things away. So far, we've just about finished with the upstairs and will start working on the downstairs shortly. Our car is nice though! I think we have named it Jiselle, but that might be in debate still. Its SO NICE to get into a car after knocking in freezing weather for several hours, and then just simply drive to our flat. Good-bye, buses!! (For now, anyway)
York is beautiful. Peterlee was beautiful for its natural landscapes, and York is beautiful for its historical landscapes. For instance, there is literally a giant stone wall, originally built by the romans a few hundred years before the birth of Christ, which encircles the intire inner city. And it still stands today. There is also York Minster, which is a huge, gothic-style building with huge spires. The members here say they have plans to turn it into a temple someday (ha ha).

Being a zone leader is a whole new kettle of fish. I have so much more to do now, and the exact same amount of time to do it. In addition, Elder Stettler and I have to have this area up and running as soon as possilble. No pressure, no pressure ha ha. Just GET IT DONE :)

Saying goodbye to Peterlee was a bit tough, but I think I was ready. It was my second 6-month area, and it was time for me to leave. I had arrived in a new area, opened it to missionary work, and helped the work to progress while I was there. We saw many people enter into the waters of baptism there. And now, the Lord has sent me to York with the exact same expectations, if not higher. The last people I said goodbye to were the Millers. I am certainly going to miss this family, but I am sure I will see them again :) We've had too much fun for anything to happen otherwise :) See first picture.

(I just spent a few minutes helping the woman on the computer to the right of me add a closing to a letter, and then I helped the man to my left by teaching him how to send a document)
Well, I promise to get some good photos for next time. Im hoping to take some good ones as we are driving by, so I'll do my best!

Hmmm... What else, what else... I kinda also had a baptism this past week, but not really. Bromwyn, a 9 year old English girl that Elder Stettler was teaching in York 2 got baptised. I didnt really know her, and I didnt really teach her, but I was there for the baptism! Which was nice :) Any-hoo, I think thats about it...
Wish me luck! And please keep me in your prayers... Something tells me Im going to be going through a lot over these next few months (Ether 12:27)

Elder Spencer

PS Final pic of me and Elder Smith.

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