Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 71: England Finally Starts to Warm Up!

Oi! 'ello! 'ow ah we doin' today? (To be pronounced exactly as it looks)

Hey look! You're already sounding English! Congrats!

Well, I might as well get started on how this week past week went... And when I say it went fast, it feels like an understatement! Life as a Zone Leader here is pretty fast-paced... Throughout the week, we are going from one place to the next, one area of the stake to another, exchanging with the other missionaries here and there, all while trying to keep up with running our own are successfully. So, needless to say, life keeps me busy :) Until you get sick one night, and everything.... just.... seems.... to.........stop. That's right :-/
I got sick on Wednesday night! And I wasn't very happy about it :-( It was nothing big, just a fever, aching all over, stomach problems (I'll spare you the details) long story short the last hour or so of Wednesday night we had to call it a night. At the time, I was on exchange with Elder Ferona from Sacramento, California in my own area, and the mission president's wife basically told me to stay in for the night, and get it over with sooner than later. I'm glad I did, because by the next morning, I was still a bit 'ugh', but I was more than ready to work! And so we started our day! ...And then I called Elder Stettler, who was in the York 2 are on exchange (just across the river). He was sick as well, but his came in the morning. So, we had to cancel our exchange, and I drove over to the York 2 flat and picked up my companion. Anyways, by the end of the night, he got the rest of the needed, and we were anxious to get out there and continue the work! By the next day, both of us were not feeling any of our previous symptoms, and we were very thankful for a speedy recovery.

Last Monday was pretty fun :) Elder Stettler and I met up with the York 2 Elders (across the river) and we started our day by going to Pizza Hut! Woot! Ha ha tasty :) we then went to the York Castle Museum, and looks at some interesting stuff (honestly, there was a LOT of boring stuff to get through) and took some pictures :)

For this next week, exciting things are about to happen! We will be having a mission tour featuring Elder Texiera of the area presidency! He, and well as the northern half of the mission will be all coming to the York Chapel for the Zone Conference meeting! So we're excited about that :) Expect some epic stories and lessons learned :)

Well, that about does it for this week's email :) Hope your week is fun as well!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

First picture, from L to R Elder Stettler, Elder Ferona, and Elder Chen, shooting the historical Clifford Tower

Second picture, the group in Jail :)

Third Picture, The great and powerful Elder Stettler, in all his glory ;)

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