Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 73: Fastest Week of My Life!!!

It was a crazy one this week! It all started out with a bunch of meetings, the first one being Zone Leader Council with President Lindley! It was amazing to be a part of such a process... All of the other Zone Leaders in the mission gathered to discuss eachother's ideas and to ask questions and recieve further training! It was a blast, and I learned some very vital things as well that I hope will help the missionaries in the York Zone to better progress their investigators :)

The following day, it was my very first Zone Development Meeting, where all of the teams in the Zone meet up at the York chapel and recieve training. This was the first one for me where I was the one giving the training! It was definately a learning experience... I'll give you a little hint as to what it involved... Nerf guns, blind folds, foam swords, Alma 17, and D&C 4 :) It was fun, yet epic! I think everyone really enjoyed it :)

Immediately after zone meeting, I went on exchange with one of the new missionaries in the zone, Elder Barnett from Saracus, Utah. He was exceptionally green, but I thik I was able to teach him some new tricks when it comes to talking to people in large amounts :) That exchange was ended with going to a baptism with the other York missionaries! Yay! Following that, we had all of Saturday to work in our own area, together (for the first time that whole week)
Sunday came, and I had my first HOT POT! experience! Hot pot is a traditional chinese meal where a whole bunch of food is put inside a hot pot of boiling water with spices. It was amazing! It was put on by the chinese investigator Ding who got baptised on friday night :) But boy was I feeling it the next day...

For P-day today, we went to Brimham Rocks, a national park where they filmed the part of Princess Bride where Wesley fights Fezzick. We played capture the flag and it was great! See last photo :)

Well, gotta go! Its transfers next week... Dont expect any changes for me... But we'll have to see for sure!
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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