Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 74: First Baptism in York!

Yep Yep Yep!!!
As of this past Saturday, Molly has entered into her first covenant! It was a fantastic service, and the whole family was present :) (See first picture) It was my favourite kind of baptism, quick, easy, and with no unexpected twists to throw us! Molly was a bit nervous, but she was excited to give it a go! I would give the detailed summary of Molly's conversion story, but I believe I explained it in the email I sent a few weeks ago where Elder Teixeira came to the mission. So, If you would like to hear about how Molly was found, feel free to look it up ateldergabrielspencer.blogspot.com (c) Anyways...
So... It was transfer calls last night, my first one as a Zone Leader (so much more fun, no stress) and Ive got some good news and some bad news...
So which would you like first? Okay, the bad news... Elder Stettler... is leaving York! And going to our arch-nemesis rival zone of Hull (eeew, gross) Poor guy :( Oh well... It will be for his good I guess :-/ But the Big nrews... The good news is... He is going to be replaced by Elder Horner! Who was my Zone Leader from back when I was in Peterlee! During the transfer we served around eachother, I really grew to respect and admire the kind of missionary Elder Horner is, and I actually learned a lot from him as well! So I expect to learn a lot within the next 6 weeks :) Im so stoked! Elder Horner is huge, too, like large in stature type. Im not kidding, he's planning on joining the Marines when he gets home! So expect some bigger pictures :)
Other news includes an amazing event of member-missionary work!
About a week or two ago, Bishop Gore called us into his office, and told of of one of the Young Women who had a friend who ex[pressed interest in hearing the missionary lessons. He said she had been given our number and would be contacting us soon. This past thursday we finally got a call from Rachel, the friend of the member, saying that she was planning on coming to church the following sunday, and how we were invited to come to her home and introduce ourselves to her parents. We were a little apprehensive, but after a long debate and prayerful consideration, Elder Stettler decided we should go over and teach (yeah right!) SO! Sunday came, and we finally met Rachel at church :) Following that, we drove out 20 miles to a tiny villiage on the border of our area, and met Rachel's parents. They were polite, but asked many questions (ranging from the trinity, apostles, polygamy, you name it) and Elder Stettler and I were blessed to have been given the opportunity to teach the entire first lesson to the whole family, Rachel included. (BTW, the entire lesson was just a powerhouse of spirit) at the end of the lesson, we invited them all to be baptised to which Rachel, smiling and excitedly replied I WANT TO BE BAPTISED! So we said Okey doke! And gave her the date of April 7th to work towards :) Last night, she even came to famiily home evening at Alice's house, the friend that referred her to us, which went very well :) Sooo.... Yeah :) Things are just going great here in York! And Im loving it!
Life is great! And I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

PS! We also went street contacting on the wall of York on Saturday!

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