Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 3: Almost out into the field!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Surprise!!! I bet you didn't expect I'd get to email a day early, eh? As it turns out, I might not be able to email tomorrow because I'm leaving the MTC and going to Leeds to officially start my mission! And it is implied that I won't have a P-day tomorrow (which should change to Monday, says the word on the street) so just to be safe, they gave us the chance to email tonight!!! So here I go...
This week has been great! The MTC experience has gone by sooooo fast- almost as if it were a dream (refer to Jacob 7, I think) and I can't believe I'm going into the field already!!! Thankfully, I think I'm ready :) the MTC has really been able to prepare me spiritually and as a teacher so that I might invite others to come unto Christ, as well as help me with many other things! It's not like school at all, but more like EFY times a hundred, (minus the fun, but multiply the joy) I really really loved it here, and the MTC presidency is so loving and helpful and spiritually powerful!
So last Friday we were able to do something that is unique only to the England MTC... and that was to go tracting for the first time! My companion and I were assigned to a small town in Manchester called Leigh, and we were given about 4 hours to basically go knocking! It was awesome! We actually legitimately had someone slam the door in our face right after we said about 6 words... It was so cool! (I know that sounds weird, but my companion and I felt it was kind of a right of passage that we needed to experience) It started raining really hard, and the water may have dampened our suits, but not our spirits!! One experience in particular was quite special: we knocked at someone's door who at first was about to shut the door, but then decided to hear our message. She told us how she has never really felt at peace with herself (because of work, family, etc) and we were able to read a scripture to her (Ether 12:4, she described how she didn't really know if there was a God or if he cared) and bear our testimonies! It was quite awesome to see her whole countenance change (her facial expression) from stubbor to awestruck as we bore our testimonies of our loving Heavenly Father and His love for us, and the truthfulness of the scriptures and the answers it offers us. At the end, we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read a specific passage (Moroni 10:3-5) and promised her specific blessings. It was soooo great! It raised both of our spirits and we carried on with our work with an added love for the tracting experience! I'm so excited to have similar experiences for the next two years!
P.S. Happy Guy Fawks DAy! (UK Holiday, November 5th)
P.P.S. Happy birthday Dad and David!!! (In case I didn't include it in my last letter, I was kind of rushed)
So tomorrow is transfer day! I get to meet my mission president and my new companion all in one day! I'm excited! I think I can still write a letter tomorrow whether it's P-Day for my mission or not, so I plan on replying to those of you who have written me! (and for those of you who have not... shame on you :P haha just kidding) But I really love your letters! They're definitely a highlight of my day!
I don't really know what else to say, except that I know that Joseph Smith was truly the Prophet of the Restoration, and he really did see the Father and the Son in the Sacred Grove that day. I know in my heart that he translated the plates into the Vook of Mormon which we are so blessed to have now, and I testify of its power and divinity. I would invite all of you who haven't already to read it (specifically Moroni 10:3-5) ponder it, and pray about it in the name of Jesus Christ to find out for yourself. I promise that if you do so, the lord will testify to you of its truthfulness, and you will gain a witness of the Book of Mormon through the Holy Ghost.

I love you all, and wish you the best!!!

--Elder Gabriel Spencer

Love life!

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