Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 64: Return with Honour... Baptized!

Ha ha I found my subject line quite clever ;)

Guess what!!!

Honour got baptised last Saturday!

However, it was not in the sea, like we had anticipated, it was at the neighbouring chapel (Hartlepool) but it was a magnificent service nonetheless!

Honour was originally found by Elder Brewerton about 2 weeks before he left Peterlee. I still remember meeting Honour and talking with her about what her goals were for her life. ''I want to move over to Canada and open up a theatre and drama school for youth.'' I was like ''YES!" From then on we were able to progress her, slowly but surely to baptism. She loves coming to church, and hopes to get a calling with a teaching assignment sometime in the near future :) It sure is great to see both her and her daughter coming to church now, both as newly baptised members of the restored church of Jesus Christ!

Also this week, we went knocking in around the area in which we live (called Horden) and we found a rather energized family. The mother's name is Helen, and she has three kids, one of which is almost 9 years old and actively goes to the Salvation Army. After our first appointment, we invited Helen to read and pray about the book of mormon and she agreed. We were shocked at our next appointment with her (only 48 hours later) to find out that within all of yesterday, she had read all of 1st Nephi and started on 2nd Nephi AND she had looked at the website. You wouldnt believe all of the questions she had! And these were good questions, too that helped us to realize that when Helen reads, she can pretty much almost fully comprehend everything she reads. ''Whats the difference between the brass plats and the gold plates?'' or ''What was the significance of the rod of iron, and the fruit of the tree?'' Last night, she asked us a question about something she was a bit apprehensive about, and asked ''Why cant you drink tea or coffee?'' You see, Helen LOVES her tea. We were able to teach her about the word of wisdom and then invited her to live the command ment, promising her that if she did, her andswer of the truthfulness of the book of mormon would come quicker. And what did she say? ''Okay.'' WOOOT! It was a victory for our heavenly father and for helen. She and her daughter Estelle are both scheduled to be baptised later this month, and they are looking great!

Well, thats about all the time I had today! Sorry I had to be so quick, but I wish you all the best!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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