Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 67: Personal Goal: Baptize a Family...

Goal Status:


Thats right! Helen and Estelle were baptised on this past saturday, January 28th, 2012! And what a wonderful baptism it was, the whole family was there, and then they were also there at the confirmation the next day in church!

Helen was first found after Elder Smith and I were prompted to knock a specific street. the week after Honour's baptism. We said to ourselves ''Lets go find the next people Gods wants us to baptise here in Peterlee!'' And thats exactly what we did! From the very first lesson, we were able to invite Helen to be baptised and to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, to which she gladly accepted :) After a couple of days we taught her again, and we were shocked to find that not only did she read the book of mormon, but she started and completed all of 1st Nephi! And not only that, but she had tons of questions to ask us that she had written down on a piece of paper. And that basically sums up how the rest of the teaching process. She was so dilligent in her reading, in fact that a week later she set a goal for herself to complete the entire book of mormon before her baptism! And I am quite proud that only 3 hours before her baptism on saturday night, she finished the entire book! Ive always wanted an investigator to do that :) She's loved it, and she's already started again on reading it for a second time :) Talk about amazing! We also later found out that Helen's husband is a less-active member, who was baptised with his brother and mum when he was 12. He hadnt been to church for about 25 years, but he was completely supportive of his whife and daughter getting baptised! He even came to church to see their confirmation!

Estelle (9 years old) is the daughter of Helen, and was attending the Salvation Army church that Michael (the Major guy) was over. At the end of our second lesson with Helen, she asked her daughter if she would like to be baptised with her mom. Estelle gladly accepted, and came to our lessons with her own questions to ask :) It has been an absolute pleasure teaching this family. Oh! And I cant forget caine! Little 7 year old caine, who is Estelle's little brother. Talk about a ball of energy. Ive never seen any kid so hyper in my entire life! He's looking forward to his baptism when he turns 8 in July :)

Now, the computer is going to kick me off soo, so I'll make it quick! Elder Smith and I invited President and Sister Lindley to the baptism, and they came! Afterward they took us home, but before they dropped us off, they took a short detour and bought us some McDonalds to celebrate :) Thanks President! (See second picture)

In addidtion to the baptism, we also had a really nice member of our Branch, Carol, buy us some nice things off the internet that I would like to mention at this time. For Elder Smith: A cheese knife (inside joke) and for me, Swedish fish! (See third picture)

Also, before I forget, We celebrated the baptism of Helen and Estelle with a party! It also helped that it was Estelles' birthday the day before the baptism, so we celebrated with some cake and balloons! (|See fourth pic)
Well, I hope you all are doing well! Its transfers next week, and I've been in Peterlee for 6 months now, so its probably time that move on... But we'll see! I'll keep you posted!

Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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