Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 65: Things are lookin' frosty in Peterlee

Guess What! This is the first winter I've had in almost 10 years where I haven't had to trudge through snow!
And I'm lovin' it!

Ha ha if I could have it my way, I would go every winter without snow! (Okay, maybe a little every now and then wouldn't hurt)

Life in Peterlee is fantastic! I have really grown to love the work and to love the people here! I felt as though I have a renewed sense of urgency that gets me goin' quicker, and makes sure I wont let anyone get past without an invitation to come unto Christ! I can almost feel my Heavenly Father guiding my footsteps into the places that will ultimately help Peterlee to flourish with missionary work! And the branch is loving it! We had our branch president come out with us on Saturday to meet Helen, (she was feeling a bit nervous about coming to church for the first time, so we thought we'd help her make some new friends ahead of time so she would feel a bit better) And the following day she came to church with her children, and she thoroughly enjoyed it! She is looking forward to her baptism which is set to happen within the next few weeks!

Oh PS! The water heater for the font has been fixed in the Peterlee chapel, so we can finally have baptisms there again! Yay! Warm Water!

For P-day this past week, we went all the was down to the most distant area in the zone, Darlington, and hit a bucket of balls at the driving range! It was tons of fun, and broke us out of the normal P-day routine. And surprisingly, I did a lot better with golfing than I thought I would! (See first picture)

Also something fun and interesting, we went to tea at a members home on Wednesday and these members (Carol and her daughter Jennifer) asked us if we had ever flown a Chinese lantern before. We said no, and she got one out for us to light! It was a bit windy, so it didn't work out like it was supposed to, but it was still loads of fun (see second photo)

On Thursday, we had interviews with President Lindley, our wonderful mission president! He asked me a few questions, and I asked him a few questions, and long story short Ive found several more ways to be effective and also more diligent!

Oh! And before I forget... Guess what I got in the mail last week!!! My UK Driving License! I now have free reign to drive anywhere within the European Union! Woot! (See third picture) PS they don't let your smile in the pictures here... :-/

So, yesterday was a quite a beautiful day, so Elder Smith and I decided to go street contacting along the banks of the north sea, which are quite popular with dog-walkers when the weather is nice. While we were there, we took a bit of our lunch time to get some EPIC pictures! And we got some pretty nice ones :) see fourth picture for a sample.
Okay okay, last guess what... Guess what!! The Lord has blessed us with standards of excellence once again! Which means that baptisms will most likely follow soon!
That's about it for this week, I hope you are staying warm and healthy and loving life! (c)
Elder Gabriel G. Spencer

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  1. I have enjoyed reading Elder Spencer's blog. Elder Smith is my son, he sent me the blog address he wanted me to check it out. Sounds like they are working hard together and having success. Love the blog!
    Elder Smith's mom :)